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traffic control complex based on neural network

We are a group of experts,
with over a decade of experience in ITS and Deep Learning.

Фото камера дорожного движения Астра Трафик моб

Place the cameras only where they are needed!

Due to extremely low energy consumption – up to 18 watts per hour, our complex can be powered by solar panels or small wind turbines. This makes it possible to install it in places that are not equipped with power grids, such as on remote road sections. There is no need to obtain approval for connection to the power grid, which significantly reduces the cost of implementation.

The weight of the complex, including infrared illumination, is less than 6 kg. This ensures easy and fast installation. The installation of the complex does not require additional reinforcement of the supporting structure.

Tightness and water resistance of the case, due to the absence of ventilation holes and ventilation filters, allows you to reduce operating costs and significantly increase the service life of the complex.

Considering the absence of the required connection to the power grid, the installation time of the complex at the turn takes no more than one hour.

Автономная камера контроля дорожного движения


  • the lane of the intersection
  • entering the oncoming traffic lane
  • driving on the roadside
  • markup violations
  • movement on tram tracks
  • the speed of the cars in the opposite
    and in the same direction on 8 lanes
    at the same time!
  • average speed on the road section
  • data on the entire traffic flow to the unified personal management account traffic
  • 24-hour online service for monitoring the entire system

Feel the difference

  • Пример работы камеры дорожного движения ночью
    Пример работы комплекса в ночное время на трассе с полным отсутствием уличного освещения!

An example of the complex operation at night on a highway with a complete lack of street lighting!

Пример работы камеры дорожного движения ночью

Thanks to the use of high-quality German Basier vision cameras and a unique algorithm for processing video frames, the Astra complex generates the highest quality night materials!

An example of working with a badly read license plate. For a well-trained neural network, no tricks are a hindrance!

Распознавание плохо читаемых номерных знаков ночью

It's better to see it once​

Astra ARPN

Multiple lanes

This is how our multi-lane camera works. This video shows one of the first versions of the license plate recognition module!
Astra ARPN

Busy traffic​

Another example of how the system works. For specialists, it gives a clear understanding of the superiority of complexes with time-lapse speed measurement over radar systems.
Astra ARPN

Even more lanes!

Experiment with a 12-megapixel camera of technical vision. The goal of this experiment is to further optimize the code of the complex in the face of a huge amount of incoming data.
This is how our multi-lane camera works. This video shows one of the first versions of the license plate recognition module!
Trajectory control
Example of the recognition module working with trajectory control.
Development and production of Astra complexes
This is how the most modern technologies are embodied in the finished product.