Our latest developments in road traffic control systems
Разработки в области контроля дорожного движения

Astra Traffic Complex

With frame-by-frame speed measurement.

“Astra” can be used to detect speeding violations, entering the oncoming lane, driving on the side of the road and on the public transport lane.

Also, this complex can operate in the “average speed” mode, in pairs or in a cascade.


Aist Control

Radar speed measurement system.

The traffic control system “Aist-control” has all the functionality of the “Astra” complex, and is additionally equipped with a Radar speed detector.


It is not just a camera!

By purchasing and implementing our systems, you will receive not only a high-end quality traffic control camera, but also an online service for monitoring the entire system day and night with an accessible and clear interface! Any irregularities in the operation of the systems are monitored by the smart computer system that will inform you immediately about malfunctions by messaging you directly to your smartphone. Most likely, you will not face any malfunctions during the entire operating time of our systems, but you can be sure that everything works under the tight control of the smart system!

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