About us

Our company was founded by a group of experts, with over a decade of experience in ITS and Deep Learning.

We develop smart traffic control solutions.

The Astra Lab projects solve the problems of developing smart transport systems. The company develops a software and hardware complex for monitoring the state of the road situation and generating “big data” for traffic management systems.

The hardware and software systems (HSC) created by our team replace the range of systems that are part of standard traffic control solutions. HSC carries out a complete processing of primary information at the place of its receipt, which leads to a decrease in network traffic between the server site and data collection points. The uniqueness of the development is low power consumption, achieved through the use of innovative solutions in the field of microelectronics and neural network algorithms

Key problems that our products solve.

The deployment of an smart transport system is associated with numerous problems: high cost, complexity of design and deployment, insufficient preparation of the communication infrastructure, almost complete impossibility of installation in hard-to-reach areas (for example, in the mountains). In addition, the fragmentation of incoming data and the narrow specialization of vertical systems that are part of the smart transport system have a negative impact.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Astra Lab offers a comprehensive approach. The complex includes a wide range of systems, with a complex of various types of detectors and sensors, combining into a single complex what is now part of disparate highly specialized solutions.
  • The complex carries out full processing of primary information at the place of its receipt, the minimum amount of information is sent to the data center servers: less disk space, fewer servers, less electricity – significantly lower OPEX.
  • The weight of the complex, including infrared illumination, is less than 6 kg. This ensures easy and quick installation. The installation of the complex does not require additional reinforcement of the supporting structure.
  • The tightness and water resistance of the case, due to the absence of ventilation holes and ventilation filters, allows you to reduce operating costs and significantly increase the service life of the complex.
  • Taking into account the absence of the need to connect to the power grid, the installation time of the complex at the turn takes no more than one hour.